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13kw Solar System

Residential Solar Installation

Elevate your energy solutions with Standout Solar’s 13kW solar systems, tailored for larger residential or commercial properties.

Experience the blend of high efficiency and substantial energy production, backed by our expertise in advanced solar solutions.

What is a 13kW Solar System?

A 13kW solar system is a robust energy solution consisting of premium solar panels and a high-capacity inverter. It’s designed to generate an average of 50 kWh per day, making it an excellent choice for energy-intensive properties. This system size balances significant energy production with smart technology.

Benefits of a 13kW Solar System

Opting for a 13kW solar system provides numerous benefits:

  • High Energy Output: Capable of powering extensive residential or medium-sized commercial premises.
  • Cost Efficiency: Offers significant reductions in utility bills and attractive long-term savings.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Reduces carbon footprint, supporting a sustainable future.
  • ROI: Quick return on investment through reduced energy costs and potential incentives.

Installation and Technical Considerations

Before installation, we consider:

  • Roof Space Requirements: Adequate space is essential for maximizing output.
  • Optimal Orientation: Ensuring panels are positioned for the best sun exposure.
  • Climate Adaptability: Our systems are designed to perform efficiently across various Australian climates.

Standout Solar's Customized 13kW Solar Solutions

At Standout Solar, each 13kW system is:

  • Custom Designed: Tailored to meet your unique energy needs.
  • Quality Assured: Comprising top-tier panels and inverters for peak performance.
  • Professionally Installed: Adhering to the highest standards of installation and safety.

Costs and Financial Incentives

Investing in a 13kW system involves:

  • Transparent Pricing: We provide clear cost breakdowns, ensuring no hidden charges.
  • Incentives and Rebates: Guidance on STC rebates and other financial incentives.
  • Financing Options: Flexible financing solutions to suit your budget.

Maintenance and Support Services

Our commitment extends beyond installation:

  • Regular Maintenance: Ensuring your system remains efficient and effective.
  • Comprehensive Warranties: Offering peace of mind with extensive warranties.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a typical 13kw solar panel system installation in Australia, homeowners and businesses must have sufficiently spacious roofing to accommodate around 32 solar panels. This would require an average roof space of close to 81 square metres, considering various factors like panel size, roof obstructions, and shading.

The average cost for a fully installed 13kw solar system post-STC rebate and inclusive of GST is approximately $13,566, equating to around $1.02 per watt. However, costs can vary depending on location, with cities like Adelaide costing around $10,773 ($0.81 per watt), and Hobart at a higher average of $16,226 ($1.22 per watt).

The energy outputs can vary depending on the geographical location, system orientation and tilt angle. For example, with a 30-degree north tilt angle and approximately 75% system efficiency, the estimated annual production of a 13kw solar energy system in Brisbane could be around 19,418 kWh.

A high-efficiency 13kw solar panel system usually comprises 32 Mono Crystalline Half Cut Solar Modules, a 10kw premium inverter, optional online monitoring, and a panel mounting kit designed for a range of roof types. These components are selected for high operational efficiency and durability.

Standout Solar offers professional solar system installations with a focus on high energy demands suitable for both residential and commercial sectors. With quality service, expert technicians, and the use of high-quality, efficient components, they ensure seamless installations adhering to the best industry standards.

Standout Solar ensures a comprehensive installation process that begins with assessing individual energy requirements, designing the system for optimal performance, and employing flexible roof mounting solutions. Their CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electricians carry out swift and meticulous installations with minimal disruption.

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